(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. spaceship, rocket, transport (see astronautics).
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. rocket, spaceship, shuttle, space shuttle, space station, satellite, flying saucer, capsule, unidentified flying object (UFO), manned orbiting laboratory (MOL), orbiting vehicle (O.V.), re-entry vehicle (R.V.), lunar module (L.M.), command module (C.M.), service module (S.M.), repulsor, flying missile, projectile rocket, warhead, deep-space ship, reconnaissance rocket, moon messenger, remote-controlled spaceship, probe, lunar orbiter, weather satellite; see also satellite 2 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
rocket, rocket ship, spaceship, shuttle, orbiter, capsule, space probe, satellite, Apollo, Gemini, Mariner, flying saucer, UFO.
activities of astronaut outside of spacecraft: EVA, extravehicular
activity, spacewalk agency: NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Agency
astronaut’s life-support cable used outside craft: umbilical
cancel mission: scrub
cancel mission in progress: abort
cargo: payload
chamber between pressurized and unpressurized compartment: airlock
distant measuring science: telemetry
electronic monitoring systems: avionics
entry into earth’s atmosphere: reentry
firing of thrusters or rockets: burn
flight path: trajectory
fuel: hydrazine, hydrogen peroxide, LOX (Liquid Oxygen)
gravity force equal to earth: g
gravity force in earth orbit: microgravity
gravity slingshot method to boost craft further into space: gravity assist
ground station: tracking station
hazardous flying sand grains: micrometeoroids
independent system on board: module, subsystem
launchpad pit: flame pit
loss of orbital altitude due to earth’s pull: decay
orbit that matches earth’s rotation: geosynchronous orbit
orientation in orbit: attitude
payload, launching into space: deployment
power source: solar cells, photovoltaics see fuel
propellants that ignite on contact with one another: hypergolic propellants
radio signal from earth to spacecraft: uplink
radio signal from spacecraft to earth: downlink
rocket, extra lifting: booster
rocket, slowing or reversing: retro rocket
rolling craft to diffuse external heat: barbecue mode
shuttle’s nickname: *flying brick
space probe nerve center: JPL, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
space shuttle nerve center: Mission Control
speed of sound, five times the: hypersonic (above Mach 5)
speed of sound: Mach
speed of sound, twice the: Mach 2
timespan within which craft must be launched: launch window
wall: bulkhead

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